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The EU bows to ‘systemic rival’ China

Slowly but surely, the EU is shifting its priorities to the East Let’s start with the essential background for the meeting in Paris on Tuesday between Chinese President Xi Jinping and three EU… Continue reading

France and Germany seal new deal as Brexit looms

France and Germany have signed a new treaty on Tuesday aimed at breathing new life into their place at the centre of the European Union. As the UK moves to leave the EU… Continue reading

La U.E y el Reino Unido llegaron al “único pacto posible” de separación

Los 27 respaldaron el acuerdo por el Brexit Con este primer acuerdo de separación de un país en la historia del proyecto europeo, el Reino Unido y la UE buscan pasar página a… Continue reading

Are charities really the solution to the clean water crisis? By Emily Broughton

Diseases from dirty water kill more people than all forms of violence – including war. There is a clean water crisis as I wrote about in my post last week, but what is the… Continue reading

Vitoria y Madrid, las ciudades más sostenibles; Cádiz y Badajoz, entre las peores

El Observatorio de Sostenibilidad ha realizado un ranking tomando datos sociales, económicos, ambientales y de transparencia de 52 capitales de provincia en España. Un informe elaborado por el Observatorio de la Sostenibilidad, organismo independiente… Continue reading

Malta: The Mediterranean island with ‘the best climate’

Malta’s up-and-coming capital took centre stage when it was crowned 2018’s Capital of Culture, but there’s much more to the enigmatic island than Valletta. The Local’s Commercial Editor took a whirlwind tour of… Continue reading

Wanted: Restaurant managers for ‘most beautiful’ place in world

The current tenants of Switzerland’s world-famous Äscher restaurant are moving on at the end of the current season meaning new managers will be needed for the inn made famous by National Geographic. Until… Continue reading

Merkel pushes for investment to curb migration in Africa tour

Chancellor Merkel has arrived in Senegal ahead of visits to Ghana and Nigeria. With nearly a dozen CEOs in tow, the German chancellor hopes that economic development will curb migration from the region.… Continue reading

As cidades que fundem Portugal e Espanha

Criação da Eurocidade Valença-Tui só veio tornar efetivo o viver das gentes das cidades portuguesa e espanhola, cada uma situada de um lado do rio Minho. De Valença, todos os dias há quem… Continue reading

El Pórtico recobra los colores de su Gloria ocho siglos después

La catedral de Santiago de Compostela en España inaugurará el lunes la restauración de la joya románica, que ha permanecido en obras durante una década en la que se invirtieron 6,2 millones de… Continue reading

Syrian refugees make significant contributions to Turkish economy

Significant number of 3.5 million Syrian refugees in Turkey have contributed to the country’s economy either as investors or laborers since their arrival, boosting the Turkish economy Aiming to break down the prejudice… Continue reading

Turkey to construct key Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway

Turkey to construct key Belgrade-Sarajevo motorway: (En español más abajo) The Belgrade-Sarajevo Highway, planned to be built with the joint initiatives of Turkey, Bosnia-Herzegovina and Serbia with an estimated cost of 3 billion… Continue reading

Italy’s coalition programme plan: point by point

Italy’s coalition programme plan: point by point (En español al final del texto) The two big winners from Italy’s election have reached agreement on a joint programme for government, according to Reuters. Matteo… Continue reading

These 15 French companies are looking for 50,000 new full-time employees

Looking for a job in France? Here’s a few thousand to choose from. After years of being considered the “sick man of Europe”, the French economy showed its strongest growth in years in… Continue reading

Duterte’s defiance imperils European trade

Duterte’s defiance imperils European trade: (En español al finalizar el texto) European Parliament threatens to lift Philippines’ preferential trade status over rights abuses, a move that could tilt an already wobbly economy into… Continue reading

EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban

EU member states support near-total neonicotinoids ban Member states have voted in favour of an almost complete ban on the use of neonicotinoid insecticides across the EU. Scientific studies have long linked their… Continue reading

Portugal, uma história de sucesso

A economia portuguesa está hoje a crescer acima da média da União Europeia e da zona euro, apoiada por um forte crescimento do investimento e das exportações. O desemprego está em níveis antes… Continue reading

Which European country offers the best work-life balance?

Which European country offers the best work-life balance? (En español al final del texto) Here are you more likely to work 50-hour weeks, and in which countries will you have more time to… Continue reading

España aumentará el salario mínimo en 2018

El acuerdo firmado por el presidente español Mariano Rajoy con las organizaciones empresariales CEOE y Cepyme y los sindicatos CCOO y UGT presenta un aumento de 28,3 euros mensuales en 14 pagas, desde… Continue reading

Brexit: How the Netherlands is braced for ‘no deal’

Brexit: How the Netherlands is braced for ‘no deal’ (En español más abajo) The Netherlands could be one of the hardest-hit EU countries if the UK leaves the bloc without an agreement. The… Continue reading