Roatán un destino del Caribe en alza

La isla de Roatán, es la mayor de las Islas de la Bahía uno de los dieciocho departamentos de la república de Honduras.  Las Islas de la Bahía poseen un agradable clima tropical,… Continue reading

Defensa científica al consumo de PAN

Las críticas generales a su contenido de carbohidratos y al gluten parecen tener escasa base. En cambio, la fibra y los granos enteros siguen mostrando impacto positivo en la salud. El pan ha… Continue reading

How New Silk Roads are shaping Southwest Asia

Singapore, aiming high for the status of Asia’s unofficial capital, seems like the ideal venue for a conference to discuss how the Middle East could learn a few lessons from ASEAN’s multi-layered relations with China,… Continue reading

Taj Hotel Cape Town

Explore the city right from our doorstep… Originally home to the South African Reserve Bank and Temple Chambers and, later, the Board of Executors (BoE), Taj Cape Town effortlessly combines the legacy of… Continue reading

Discover Japan with T.A.S an inbound land operator

TAS Co.,Ltd. (also known as Tokyo Asean Service) is proud to be considered as one of the leading specialized inbound land operators in Japan. TAS has been operating in Japan since 1979 and… Continue reading

the palace of illusions by chitra banerjee divakaruni (Download PDF)

Click here to download the PDF file: the-palace-of-illusions  

Upland Restaurant (New York, USA)

About Built around a California-inspired culinary philosophy that takes heavy cues from the seasons, Upland balances a familiar rusticity with a smart global approach, all enhanced with a New Yorker’s eye for detail.… Continue reading

Canada’s Resilient Economy Enters 2019 With Signs Of Weakness

How long until the good times come to an end? The Canadian economy entered 2018 on an unexpectedly impressive run. The country begins 2019 on a healthy note but signs of weakness have… Continue reading

Studies relate the use of digital screens with slow development in children

In English: Psychologist Sheri Madigan published a study in which she began working for a decade. Its objective was to show how children spend time in front of the screens: television, computers, videogames,… Continue reading

Thailand’s Central Group investing US$200m in Grab

SINGAPORE: Central Group, which controls Thailand’s biggest shopping mall and department store operator, plans to invest $200 million in ride-hailing giant Grab, people familiar with the matter said. The deal seals a strategic… Continue reading

South Africa:SAPS bust pair attempting to smuggle R2m of rhino horn to Vietnam

Two suspects will be hauled in front of a judge in Kempton Park, Johannesburg, this week, after SAPS found 10 pieces of rhino horn in their possession. Two rhino horn smugglers were caught… Continue reading

After levying safeguards against China and Malaysia, India plans smaller solar plants

NEW DELHI: India will issue a new, smaller tender to encourage local manufacturing of solar energy equipment after scrapping a larger maiden bid that received poor investor response. State-owned Solar Energy Corp. of… Continue reading

Visit Morocco with Morocco Tour Travel

Discover Morocco Sahara Desert Tours, Morocco Tours Discover Morocco Sahara Desert Tours, Morocco Tours, Camel ride in Morocco desert, Cultural Trips! About us Morocco tour travel Is a travel company in Morocco, made up of… Continue reading

3 recetas de comidas rápidas y nutritivas

BUDDHA BOWLS Otra opción son los llamados “buddha bowls”, platos donde se combinan distintos alimentos para armar comidas nutricionalmente completas y prácticas para el tupper en el trabajo o una cena. La combinación de… Continue reading

A Nation Ready For Equitable and Sustainable Take-Off

“Commitment to the national constructive dialogue has enabled meaningful progress towards the settlement of differences and building an effective, lasting and sustainable peace which provides the necessary environment for the strengthening of national… Continue reading

The General Theory of Employment, Interest, and Money by John Maynard Keynes

Download the PDF file here: john maynard keynes the general theory

Putin: Russia interested in peace treaty with Japan on basis of 1956 Declaration

MOSCOW, January 22. /TASS/. Russia has confirmed interest in signing a peace treaty with Japan on the basis of the 1956 Declaration, President Vladimir Putin said after talks with Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo… Continue reading


De entre todos los conceptos deco que hemos escuchado el año pasado, el hygge danés es probablemente el más repetido, y todo apunta a que continuará así. Pero… ¿a qué se debe tanto… Continue reading

France and Germany seal new deal as Brexit looms

France and Germany have signed a new treaty on Tuesday aimed at breathing new life into their place at the centre of the European Union. As the UK moves to leave the EU… Continue reading

Os benefícios do abacaxi para a sua saúde

Benefícios do abacaxi Melhora a digestão – o fato de ser rico em vitamina C faz do abacaxi um grandealiado da digestão, ao ajudar na produção de sucos digestivos. Além disso, ele possui a… Continue reading