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Billionaire David McCourt Is Rethinking Entrepreneurship

Here’s Why You Should Listen: The world is rapidly changing. Business. Media. Politics. Technology. Environment. Demographics. All aspects of our lives—personal and professional—are shifting. According to Irish-American entrepreneur David McCourt, to succeed in these… Continue reading

After levying safeguards against China and Malaysia, India plans smaller solar plants

NEW DELHI: India will issue a new, smaller tender to encourage local manufacturing of solar energy equipment after scrapping a larger maiden bid that received poor investor response. State-owned Solar Energy Corp. of… Continue reading

Qatar first Gulf nation to grant permanent residency to expats

One hundred permanent residencies each year to be given to children of Qatari mothers and skilled expatriates. Qatar is one of the richest countries in the world with some 2 million expats. Qatar… Continue reading

Small Businesses Find Micro-Influencers A Good Marketing Avenue

To help market their mason jar rack, the team behind Mason Jar Storage reached out to micro-influencers – social media personalities with relatively small but loyal and engaged niche audiences. The move to… Continue reading

Duterte’s defiance imperils European trade

Duterte’s defiance imperils European trade: (En español al finalizar el texto) European Parliament threatens to lift Philippines’ preferential trade status over rights abuses, a move that could tilt an already wobbly economy into… Continue reading

Why Australia is good for New Zealand

Kiwi companies queuing up to pick the brains of Australia’s best: (En español más abajo) A small nanopatch designed to eliminate the need for flu and vaccine jabs may play a part in… Continue reading

Inversionistas famosos dan consejos para disminuir el riesgo en una inversión

En busca de una técnica que ayude a invertir mejor Los expertos financieros resumen en pocas palabras qué mecanismos activan para ganar más dinero. En 1984, el legendario inversor en valor Warren Buffett… Continue reading